About Pressure

Hurrying up and managing. How much work you can do in an hour.

Economical, efficient, don’t waste time.

When you are young, you study for a long time. When you are sixty, you prefer to retire. The people between 30 and 60 have to earn it in our country. Those pushing for a short work week, after all you don’t live to work but to simply live. But yes, economy, competitiveness, free trade market, fuel prices, uncertainty of pensions… Still, let’s just work a few years longer for more security.

We produce, because that provides work and trade, we make sure the money rolls, because if the money doesn’t roll, the economy stagnates. So, busy, busy.

Free time is becoming more and more precious, we need this free time to disconnect from work stress. Stress also increases, work becomes more complicated and responsibilities greater.
We see now an industry of free time arising, telling us that we have to do anything and everything with our free time, hop in the car, off to an amusement park, bootcamps, engage in new activities…
All in all, we are relaxing so intensively that we have to rest at work.

But yes, we can’t, we have to produce. In the end we may end up on sick leave, as no one can keep this up.

You know, everything happens its own time, it is even written in the Bible. And Jesus’ reaction also fits in our time. In America, for the very little time parents are able to spend with their children, they use the phrase Quality Time.

Isn’t it remarkable that many busy managers experience a monastery weekend? The peace and quiet, the regularity, no phone, no internet, no apps or newspaper, no obligations, but the regularity of prayer, the simple meals, a simple room, give a new order to your existence, to your head and your body.

A beautiful saying that fits well with this says”: We cannot add days to our lives with all our efforts, but through the right attitude we can add life to our days.

But aren’t we living in crazy times? AND THEN CAME CORONA……